Massage Therapy Treatments

At Dalton’s Therapeutic we strive for excellence in delivering to you the best care and quality in service. At this time, we are making changes to our massage therapy program. Our massage therapy services will be temporarily redirected to independent massage therapists that we have worked with but are not working at our business site. We believe that there are many amazing therapeutic body workers beyond our personal interactions and firsthand experiences, here in Southern Oregon. At Dalton’s Therapeutic we feel that through this time of change our directive assistance may only be towards a recommendation towards massage therapists that we have had in person experiences with, meaning in relation to our own personal massage service experiences. Ultimately it is up to every customer to must make their own informed decisions and choices for whom to receive their massage therapy treatments from and to which business they choose for such quality of services.

Our continued mission is delivering the best service for all of our customers,  promoting wellness, prosperity, and the excellence of care for which they seek. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and we are very grateful for the tremendous amount of faith and support that we have continued to receive by all of our remarkable customers and surrounding business communities.